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Gyártó: StarTech
Gyártói cikkszám: USBLT3MW
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Utolsó frissítés: 2017.04.24 18:45:41
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Charge and Sync your Apple® Lightning-equipped devices over longer distances. The USBLT3MW 10ft/3m Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad enables long-range syncing and charging of your Lightning-enabled mobile digital devices - making it ideal for people on the move who need to access their device while its charging. The cable features heavy gauge (20 AWG) wire for overcoming distance restrictions and allowing for full charging power at a distance of up to 3m, with no loss of charge time.
The reversible 8-pin Lightning connector can be plugged into your iOS-enabled device with either side facing up, meaning there is no wrong way of inserting the cable into the device.
This durable cable is compliant with Apple MFi Standards and is backed StarTech.coms 2-year Warranty to ensure dependable performance.
Note: If your computer USB port does not deliver sufficient power and you see a "Not Charging" message on your iPad or other Apple device, you can use this 3m Lightning to USB Cable with the USB 2.0 Fast Charging Adapter (USB2CHADP) in order to fast charge your devices.

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