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Gyártó: Modecom
Gyártói cikkszám: TORINO 15 SZURKE
Jótállás: 2 év
Utolsó frissítés: 2018.06.21 13:23:13
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MODECOM company presents its latest laptop bag model TORINO, which is characterized by high quality and fashion design. An interesting feature of MODECOM TORINO is original frontal type opening system, allowing immediate access to both a laptop and
necessary accessories placed inside.
TORINO bag was made from durable and soft touching material, which ensures both maximum safety and comfort, when you carrying any laptop equipped with a screen with diagonal of 15.6”. Depending on situation MODECOM TORINO could be used in two different ways: holding the sturdy handles or slinging it over shoulder, by the made of a soft material, adjustable strap. In addition, strap includes a special shoulder pad in the same color like bag.
This made from the adapting to the user’s body material pad, provides comfort and improves ergonomics in everyday use.
MODECOM TORINO bag also features high level of functionality. For this reason, it has been equipped with a number of additional compartments for all accessories, such as mobile phone, notepad, wallet or pen.
Additionally, inner part of the flap, hidden a pocket in which you can successfully put necessary documents, such as product’s magazines, contracts or any other writings in A4 format. To provide maximum safety level for your laptop, inside the MODECOM TORINO we used made of high quality, shock-absorbing material, compartment. Its function is laptop’s separation from the rest part of the bag and reducing the impact force during accidental fall from the height.
Thereby it protecting your equipment from accidental scratches or any other type of mechanical damages.
The compartment could be closed by using attached belt, which stabilizes the laptop during transport.
- Specification
Product features:
High quality material (nylon)
Original, attractive design
Notebook size: 15,6”
Bag external dimension: 28 x 38 x 6 cm
Separate compartment for laptop
Additional pocket for documents
Compartments for accessories

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