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Gyártói cikkszám: SPIRIT 7670 LM TRUCK
Jótállás: 2 év
Utolsó frissítés: 2017.09.26 12:38:09
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The new Spirit 7670 LM Truck is the latest navigation device optimised for drivers of large vehicles, such as a caravan or truck. Built around comprehensive data and specific routing information, the Spirit 7670LM Truck is the navigator that gives drivers the safest most efficient route to their destination. Take the worry out of planning routes for large vehicles. Specific routes are calculated based on individualised details, such as your verhicle’s dimensions, weight, load and vehicle type, helping you avoid the dangers of sharp U-turns at bridges, tunnels and roads with access restrictions. Drive more safely with pre-loaded truck speed limits and safety camera data that give you a visual and verbal warning and time to safely slow down.
The new Spirit 7670 LM Truck comes with Lifetime Map Updates, so you never have to worry about new maps or road changes anymore. The Spirit 7670 LM Truck will guide you to the new streets and addresses without hesitation. Simply connect the Spirit 7670 LM Truck to your PC and install the MioMore desktop software to check when updates are available. You will receive new maps for the lifetime of your device, up to four times a year*. The 7670 LM Truck comes with safety camera data for the lifetime of your device, so you’ll always know where to drive extra carefully. You’ll find the updates in your MioMore desktop software.
Find parking places more easily with the Parking Assistance feature which automatically shows a list of parking spaces when you are within 1km of your destination, so you don’t have to search for a nearby car park. As you would expect Pedestrian Mode guides when you’re on foot and helps you explore new places not accessible by car.
The integrated AV-in port makes it possible to connect a rear-view camera, which transmits video of the rear view while you reverse the car to prevent possible accident or collision.

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