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Utolsó frissítés: 2018.04.23 21:13:26
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Termék leírás

Sensor | AVAGO laser
DPI | 1000/2000/8200/16400
Max Acceleration | 30G
Switches | 13 OMRON mechanical
Technology | UI software
Lighting | 6 colors
Material | Rubber finish
Feet | Teflon
Base | Steel
Weight | Customizable
Internal memory | 128Kb
Dimensions | 123x81x41mm
Weight | 190g
Connectivity | USB
Cable length | 1,8m
Operating system | WIN7/WIN8/XP/Vista/WIN10
Avago laser sensor
In Mars Gaming we have used most advanced technology for our new MM5 gaming mouse. Laser Avago sensor offers premium selectable polling rate, up to 1000Hz, and reaches up to 16400DPI to achieve the highest precision of movement. And, thanks to its high speed On-The-Fly DPI level change, you will get improve, even more, control during your games. Most advanced technology for the highest competition!
Fully customizable
Designed for pro gamers, new MM5 is totally programmable. With its awesome UI software, you can adapt the mouse to your gaming needs, configuring its 13 high-quality Omron mechanical switches and up to 5 user profiles, and store all this information in its 128Kbs internal memory. MM5 includes different weights that will also help you to have extreme movement control.
Extreme sliding
Due to MM5´s steel base, you will get perfect sliding in any pad, avoiding frictions, to achieve best performance and results in your matches. There are no rivals, only defeated enemies with new MM5 mouse!
Gaming design
MM5 mouse has been specially designed for FPS. Thanks to its outstanding gaming design MM5 won´t be unnoticed, specially if we keep in mind its lighting effects, choose your favorite color and play!
For pro-gamers
Customizable polling rate, 125-1000Hz, adjustable weight, braided cable and glod plated USB. Premium features for a mouse designed for pro-gamers.

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optikai / lézer
Mars Gaming


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