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Gyártó: Intel
Gyártói cikkszám: BOXNUC6I5SYK
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The Intel® NUC Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC into a pint-sized package so that you can work, play, create, entertain, and inspire in any room.
Customized Computing
The Intel® NUC kit includes a customizable board and chassis that are ready to accept the memory, hard drive, and operating system of your choice.
A Small Computer With a Full Suite of Uses
From home theater systems, to digital signs, find out how others are using the space-saving Intel® NUC in their home or business.
Home Entertainment
With a full-sized HDMI* port, turn your Intel® NUC into a complete home entertainment system.
The Intel® NUC lets you play casual games without skipping a beat.
Whether you’re working on video or music, editing animations or photos, the Intel® NUC lets you do more with less.
Digital Signage
Use the Intel® NUC to transform any display into a fully functional digital signage solution.
Pint-sized Power
The Intel® NUC is a Mini PC with the power of a desktop, packing features for entertainment, gaming, and productivity in a 4x4 form factor.
Energy Optimized, Media Savvy
With Intel® NUC you get an immersive media experience and responsive interaction while consuming a small amount of power relative to a full-sized PC.
Flexibility for Future Growth
Due to its portable size and ease of installation, the Intel® NUC makes it easy to add devices and scale up rapidly based on changing productivity needs.
Feature-Rich for Any Need
Various configurations and features like Wi-Fi and extra ports give you the ability to add onto the Intel® NUC according to your specific performance needs.
Intel® Remote Keyboard
This free app enables you to easily use your smartphone or tablet as a keyboard and mouse, improving your HTPC or entertainment experience.
Intel® HD Graphics
Exceptional clarity makes for an exceptional visual experience. Enjoy gorgeous HD visuals with no extra graphics card required.
Intel® vPro™ Technology
Add a layer of built-in protection to your business, including increased threat management, identity and website access point protection, and more.
Intel® HD Audio
The Intel® High Definition Audio specification delivers crystal clear sound for everything from music to movies, without an audio card.

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