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HIGH-DEFINITION TEXTURE SURFACE High Definition texture design provides fast and extrasmooth mouse sliding experience. Through the SPEED surface technology,gamer can enjoy the swiftness and smoothness that help them to bring ontheir fast and accurate movement. GAMER TESTED The SPEED surface material was tested by all gamerunder the intensive gaming-operate circumstance, the optimized surfaceensures an accurate targeting and well reliability. OPTIMIZED 4mm THICKNESS The thicker mouse pad cushion brings the betterpressure relief on users wrist, but too over thickness may cause someodd while switching between keyboard and mice. 4mm mouse pad cushionheight can strike the balance between comfort and user friendly, andalso match with the uneven desktop surface at the same time. RIGHT ANGLE WAVE STRUCTURE ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE Using the rubber material can enhance the power formouse pad to grip on all kinds of desktop surface, and the combinationof right angle structure and rubber can physically support the mousepad against outer force from all different direction, and providebetter stability. MOUSE PAD EDGE HEATED. The mouse pad applies localized edge heated process toincrease the durability and brings the tidy fringe quality COMPATIBLE FOR LASER/OPTICAL MICE. Optimized for wild sensitivity settings and sensors,best match with high DPI mice. THREE DIFFERENT SIZE AVAILABLE To fit all gamers preference, we have multiple sizes(small, medium, large) available for different gaming environment anddifferent gaming style. SOFT CLOTH MATERIAL FOR BETTER PORTABILITY The combination of cloth surface and rubber base makesto realize the high portability mouse pad. Series SPEED Model SPEED-S SPEED-M SPEED-L Width (mm/inch) 260 / 10.2 320 / 12.6 450 / 17.7 Length (mm/inch) 210 / 8.3 270 / 10.6 400 / 15.7 Thickness (mm/inch) 4 / 0.16 Surface Material Polyester Fabric Surface Color Black Base Material Nature Rubber Base Color COUGAR Orange

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