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Optimally protect your system against loss of data when it matters with an uninterruptible power supply. Thanks to its wide power range of 500 VA to 1400 VA the PROTECT A. series offers effective and economical data protection during power failure, dangerous power surges and voltage fluctuations. PROTECT A. proves itself in critical situations with its high availability due to a sturdy overload and excess voltage protection, as well as a wide input voltage range.
Easy handling
The reliable “One-Board-Design“ and the front LCD clealy informs the user about the most important aspects of the operating status. The new designed front LCD of the Protect A.1000 and A.1400 conforms to the special requirements of the users and provides a special fast and clear overview. All models are characterised by their clear graphical display, acoustic alarm, automatic 50/60 Hz recognition and last but not least it can be used immediately as all cable sets are supplied.
USB and RS232 connection for easy control
All functions are microprocessor controlled, permanently monitored and are available as measurements and messages – as the PROTECT A. can communicate via a RS232 and USB connection with a PC or Mac. In connection with the special shutdown software the most important operating systems can be automatically powered down in the case of a longer power failure giving the user the ability to optimize any critical system operation time.
Protection against power failure and voltage fluctuations
• Modern VI (line-interactive) technology against power failure and dangerous overvoltage
• Automatic voltage regulation against mains voltage deviations (AVR)
• Double mains filter against voltage peaks
• Easy installation ensured by cables supplied and optimum operation
• Use of sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with exhaustive discharge protection
• USB port and RS232-interface
• Data line protection for phone, fax, modem (RJ11) and from 1000 VA on inclusive network protection (RJ45)
• 24 month warranty with advanced replacement service

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Áthidalási idő
10 perc
Beépített adatvonal-védelem
Beépített adatvonal-védelem
Kapcsolási mód
Rack-be szerelhető
Rack-be szerelhető
Teljesítmény VA
1000 VA


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